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Consult Specialist 1-2-1 Expertise 

Answer your Questions and prescribe the essential oil formulas that will work best for you 

Type of Consultation 

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How can I help?  

Are you looking for sleep better?

Increase your immunity?

Upgrade your wellbeing routines?

Are you struggling with symptom control?


Working extensively with clients and NHS patients I can ask the right questions to prescribe an Essential oil formula which will help you unlock your better health with Natural Therapeutic grade Essential Oils

Book an Essential oil consultation  online, over the phone or in person 

Better Sleep 

This is a 30 minute assessment of your sleep patterns to determine the most suitable essential oil blends to help you most with your sleep needs

Wellbeing Consultation £30

Lifestyle, habits, sleep, relaxation all intertwine. This is a 30minute consultation going through greater detail to design the best Essential oil formulations for you and your health

Full Wellbeing Check  £90

This is a 75minutes in depth look at your lifestyle habits, health, routines and wellbeing goals .Investigation to prescribe bespoke essential oil formulations to most support your Health and Wellbeing 

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